As security incidents/Data breaches are happening at record pace, every company has forced to spend more effort on Information security. As an individual spent a lot of time studying cryptograph all the way back my college time.

In security field, Identity management, Data security and privacy, TVM and Security Incident Management are my main focus within those 5 years.

Identity Management

The Identity management starts with need of MFA authentication, as most of Financial regulation requires certain authentication methodology, the MFA is essential for any financial services.

First come to my world is Okta for MFA integration with company main website.

a. Migrate external customer identity management to Okta cloud smoothly without interruption of the clients.

b. Integrated Okta identity API within company home-grown authentication and authorization.

c. Partner with Okta to develop new feature and issue fixing.

d. 4 days panel discussion and training program with Okta principal architect

As cost increased with Okta, my company looked into ForgeRock as Okta replacement for cost saving. IAM and IDM are two modules that implemented and customized within company private cloud environment.


As Log4j vulnerability ruins many developers’ Christmas. Industries started to pay attention to all the open source Jar files within their application dependencies.

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